Connor HansellThis week we highlight our brother, Connor Hansell. Connor is graduating with a Masters in Public Administration this spring. He also currently is working for the University of Utah Healthcare as a Senior Instructional Designer. He helps facilitate end user training and support for an electronic medical record called Epic. Connor is tasked with leading the Epic application, go-live. He most recently brought the Solid Organ Transplant group (heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas) live on Epic. He has several large projects coming up this year including an Epic outpatient pharmacy go-live as well as an Epic Lync project that will connect the University’s electronic medical record with surrounding states to help streamline patient care and the sharing of patient information.

Connor loves animals, the environment, his two Golden Retrievers, Tug and Ranger, and his wife Jess. He likewise enjoys exploring the mountains and deserts of Utah, skiing, climbing (ice or rock), working on vintage Land Rovers, sailing in the Pacific Northwest, and staying on-the-go.

He says, “AKPsi has been a great opportunity to network with many people that I would have never have had an opportunity to get to know. I really enjoy the brotherhood and all of the great traditions associated with AKPsi”.

We have enjoyed getting to know you too, Connor!