About AKPsi

The International Fraternity

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity. Founded in 1904 at New York University, there are 354 chapters internationally, including universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Alpha Kappa Psi exists at all of the Pac-12 schools.

AKPsi is open to both men and women, and our primary focus is building a community within the University of Utah. We do this by working together to plan fun events throughout the semester; every member is part of  a committee to get engaged in the planning process. We serve together to give back to our community, grow together through professional development events, and bond at our socials. All majors are welcomed to join the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity.

Becoming a Chapter

After a lot of hard work from outstanding leaders such as Angel Demirev (founder), Jackson Murdock (2016 president) and various other influential members, Utah AKPsi would evolve from a colony into a chapter. Alpha-Iota became an official AKPsi chapter after rechartering on April 16, 2016. Alpha Kappa Psi is now an accomplished fraternity at the University of Utah and has helped numerous students create valuable relationships and become stronger leaders.

Every day our members are making a difference on campus and in the world. What is stopping you from taking that next step and joining an essential organization that will positively impact your life?

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